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7 meeting minute templates for professionals

7 Meeting Minute Templates for Professionals

Business Professionals

Formal Meeting MinutesInformal Meeting Minutes TemplateMeeting Minutes TemplateMinutes For Organization Meeting

Imagine you running a big corporation and holding an extra important meeting one day for the very first time. Just after one week, you wish to know the details of the meeting, attendees, and decisions taken there but find nothing in the record. Isn’t that annoying? Yeah, it is! Meeting minute templates provide you with an instant solution.

The word ‘’Minutes’’ or ‘’Notes’’ is used to refer to the written records of a meeting.  Meeting minutes are the official documents that record the occurrences and details of a meeting for example; when the meeting was held, no. of attendees, decisions made, actions taken and other details. Record keeping is necessary for big as well as small businesses especially in case of big businesses where a little mishandling of record can make everything upside down. Moreover, these records also sometime work as legal documents. So in order to easily keep these records, meeting minute templates are a perfect option. These templates are available online in different formats. MS word also provides a wide range of meeting minute templates to be used instantly.

While template styles and details vary from corporation to corporation and may be designed by the corporation itself according to its own requirements, the information that a common meeting minute template records is as under;

The company’s name is mentioned on the very top. Add other information like the title of the meeting; the day & date along with place of its occurrence and the accurate time when the meeting began and ended. Other details that a meeting minute template usually records are;

  • List of all announcements made at the meeting i.e. appointing new members, change of events, promotions, selling a stock, purchasing insurance etc.
  • Voting actions with a record of how each individual voted
  • Agenda items with a brief description of each item
  • List of attendees and the mention of people who joined the meeting late or left it early

Since meetings are of different types i.e. formal meetings, meeting of directors or incorporates etc. the minutes of these meetings are different too hence meeting minute templates are available in wide range to meet all needs. You can choose what suits you the best!

Meeting minutes templateMeeting minutes template
 File Size: 64 KB Download .DOC
Meeting minutes templateMeeting minutes template
 File Size: 58 KB Download .DOC
Formal meeting minutesFormal meeting minutes
 File Size: 34 KB Download .DOC
Informal meeting minutesInformal meeting minutes
 File Size: 28 KB Download .DOC
Minutes for organization meeting [short form]Minutes for organization meeting [short form]
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC
Minutes for organization meeting [long form]Minutes for organization meeting [long form]
 File Size: 24 KB Download .DOC
PTA meeting minutesPTA meeting minutes template
 File Size: 29 KB Download .DOC

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