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Statement of Work Templates

Statement of Work Templates

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SOW TemplatesStatement Of Work Templates

Statement of work or work of statement, commonly abbreviated as SOW is a powerful business tool in the field of project management that describes about the details of a project and explains about the scope of work, time required and all the tasks that will be done within it. The more powerful SOW is, the more there are chances that it will be accepted but be clear that SOW is presented after the agreement of work contract and it is in no way an advertisement tool. SOW is presented by vendors to the clients to show them how they’ll be doing their ordered work. It is though a detailed document but should not be flooded with unnecessary details.

The essentials element of a SOW is;

  • Scope of work:

The work that is to be done is described in detail here and all aspects are highlighted

  • Location of work:

It describes the location where the work is supposed to be done by people and the necessary hardware and software details.

  • Period of performance:

Unless the period of performance is mentioned clearly, it remains uncertain as when the project will complete. So the period of performance in SOW describes when the project will start and end as well as the deadlines.

  • Schedules:

The schedules of the SOW tell about the schedule of each task mentioned in the work plan.

  • Acceptance criteria:

Work of statement clearly mentions acceptance criteria in order to convince as well as satisfy the buyers of the work about the proposed work.

  • Special requirements:

Apart from all other details, a work statement should also mention any special equipment requirements (if they are) for the proposed work; for example; software, hardware requirements and travel etc.

In order to convince your client who is going to buy your services it is necessary that you make a good and professional statement of work. If a SOW is equipped with all the necessary details, it will speak volumes for your professionalism and capability. Hence, to help you play safe; we’re offering you some ready to use statement of work templates that you can use both for personal as well as professional use.

Statement of Work TemplateStatement of Work Template
 File Size: 41 KB Download .DOC
Statement of Work TemplateStatement of Work Template
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Statement of Work TemplateStatement of Work Template
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